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Precision Gasket Company
Precision Gasket Company and Preco

When Precision Gasket Company (PGC) needed a converting die-cut press to process multi-layer adhesive components for a revolutionary insulin delivery medical device, we turned to Preco Inc. for design and applications assistance. The requirements were quite hefty. They included:

  • Maintain progression tolerance of .0015” at 200 strokes per minute. 
  • Repeatable controlled-depth cut within .0005”
  • Process 9 different layers of liners, adhesives, films and carriers using one system

PGC already had multiple 4-post hydraulic Precos processing flexible materials, and we knew that Preco had the ability to customize their systems.  Original design ideas included 2 presses running in series, with web handling and vision registration sensors between them.  In the end, through the use of complex tooling from Duo-Tec Tooling that the Preco easily accepts, an affordable standard Preco press was selected. 

The material-handling system on the press has very accurate progression tolerances, allowing for multi-stage successive processing.  The system also allows us to precisely control pressure and stroke, permitting controlled-depth cutting at several different layers in a single process.  The ease of change-over allows PGC to process standard steel rule dies, feed-thru dies, chem-etch label dies (on a magnetic bolster), and Class A compound dies all on a single Preco system.

Overall, the value and agility of the Preco die cutting system allowed PGC to contribute to an award-winning design and improve the quality of life for the end-user.

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