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Precise Control for High Performance Processing

Preco's AcuPower® Controller is designed to control laser pulsing and power in moving mirror galvanometer systems with up to three axis of motion. AcuPower can be interfaced to both General Scanning and Scanlab galvo systems.

AcuPower performs real time calculations of focal point acceleration and velocity based on the mirror axis inputs. This allows it to control laser power,pulsing duty cycle, and pulsing frequency as a function of mirror movements. An additional encoder input is available for mark on the fly applications. The encoder input provides accurate web velocity for power control on a moving web.All parameters used by AcuPower are programmable. AcuPower offers a powerful, precise, and flexible laser interface for all Preco galvo systems.

AcuPower control is a recent development to provide better laser control in galvanometer systems. Traditionally, the laser was operated independent of the galvo head. A computer could command both the laser and the galvo, but any coordination of the two was done manually with pen parameters. It was the operators responsibility to adjust a multitude of parameters to fine tune the laser and galvo to get the desired cut quality. This works fine for many applications, but the process is very time consuming, prone to error, and difficult to perform. Also, acceleration time due to physical limitations of the galvo system are difficult or impossible to compensate for with pen parameters.

AcuPower simplifies the setup process, and it provides greater control of the laser. It monitors galvo mirror commanded movements to adjust laser power on the fly. This method provides very accurate and consistent cut quality by coordinating laser control with galvo movements.

Most cut files contain multiple lines, arcs, and corners. To minimize cut times and maintain accuracy these different features are often cut at different velocities. Delays are inserted to prevent overshoot in corners caused by inertial limitations of the galvo head. With traditional pen parameters, each part of the cut file that has a different shape or cut velocity needs to be setup and optimized manually in order to maintain a consistent cut quality daunting task for large cut files, and a nuisance for smaller files. AcuPower simplifies this task by providing a consistent cut regardless of where the mirrors are commanded and how fast they are moving. The operator can setup and modify the cut shape depending on the part’s requirements without having to worry about optimizing for cut quality. The cut velocity can be changed at any point in any cut without changing cut quality. If a different depth of cut is required, one AcuPower parameter is changed without effecting the existing cut path and velocity.

Stationary cutting and step and repeat can utilize AcuPower to simplify some of the difficulties of setting up a cut pattern. Mark on the fly offers even more problems as the galvo is driven to maximum velocity to minimize cut time sand speed up web velocity. Minimized delays are crucial to fast web speeds. The galvo mirrors are driven at high accelerations for longer times to cut a patter nand keep up with a moving web. AcuPower monitors the acceleration better than previous methods, so consistent cut quality is maintained even though the mirrors rarely have constant velocity. Web velocity is monitored at the same time mirror velocities are checked. AcuPower again provides a consistent cut regardless of where the mirrors are commanded, how fast they are moving, and how fast the web is moving.

Although AcuPower is best suited to complex cut patterns and high speeds, it still minimizes setup times and provides better laser control than other methods for any galvo laser system.


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Without AcuPower

Above: Laser kiss cut on pressure sensitive material with backing.

Below: AcuPower allows for consistent power control thus reducing burn through in corners and other areas where the beam changes directions.

With AcuPower

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