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AcuBreathe® - Laser Perforating

Laser Micro-Perforating Solutions

Laser micro perforating is a process of generating a series of small through holes helpful for either creating an easy-open tear path or modified atmosphere packaging. Laser micro-perforating allows thicker/tougher packaging materials to have easy open characteristics while retaining strength. Perforations can also be used to help achieve controlled airflow and moisture release in various packaging products.

This promising technology can enhance the shelf life of produce or simply allow air to escape packages while containing the product. The advantage of laser perforating, in general, is that the focused laser spot vaporizes a very small, well-defined point on the material, rather than puncturing or tearing the material as is typical with mechanical perforation machines. Laser perforating, therefore, naturally creates smaller, more consistent holes than other methods.

In addition, Preco's AcuBreathe technology features patented laser beam compression hardware and software that produce the most consistent and round holes in the industry, even at high processing speeds (up to 1200 fpm). From gas transmission to moisture release, AcuBreathe laser micro-perforating can be tailored to fit a range of material types and thicknesses


  • Operator has automatic control of hole size, number of holes, as well as down web location and spacing using laser system software
  • Flexibility to make round or elongated holes
  • Multiple lanes of holes can be produced simultaneously
  • Eliminates downtime due to tool changes or punch breakage
  • Laser beam as a tool has no physical contact with the material
  • Focused spots as small as 0.0035” (0.09mm) in diameter routinely drilled in production
  • Useful product from beginning operation to end including ramp-up and ramp-down
  • Efficient utilization of laser power
  • Wide range of materials can be processed
  • Clean micro-perforation holes - Heat energy seals the edge of the holes making them stronger. No slugs remain on the film.
  • Enhanced shelf life -Micro-perforations help achieve airflow and moisture release to maintain freshness of produce.
  • Easier filling / no spillage - Air is removed quickly during filling. Micro-perforations allow air to escape while containing product. Packages are more compressed and stack better.
  • Reduced shipping costs - More packages compress to fit a container. Shipping load is more stable.

Preco's AcuBreathe features patented laser beam compression software that produces the most consistent and round holes in the industry, with less laser power than would be required with other, non-compression-based systems. With our extensive knowledge of lasers, Preco can assist you in deciding if AcuBreathe technology is a good fit for your application. Preco's Web Direction Series, Cross Web Series and FlashLite™ Module feature AcuBreathe® Perforating technology. If a standard system doesn't provide the necessary solution, Preco can design the most flexible, cost-effective laser perforation machine for your specific needs.

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AcuBreathe® Laser Perforating
  • Converters
    Food packaging
    • Controlled OTR
    • Increased shelf life
  • Bulk product packaging
    • Venting
    • Easier palletizing
  • Consumer Products
  • Polyester
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Nylon
  • Vapor coated film
  • Multi-layer laminated film
  • Paper
  • PLA
  • Others
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