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AcuTear® - Laser Scoring

Laser Scoring for Easy-Open
Easy-Tear Packaging

Laser scoring is a process of utilizing a focused spot of energy to remove material to a specified depth. There are many uses for this technology across a variety of industries, one of the most prominent being flexible packaging. Preco's AcuTear laser scoring technology provides easy open / easy tear flexible packaging with controlled tear propagation while maintaining package strength and barrier properties. Laser scoring is also useful in creating a crease to be torn or bent easily as with tear away checks,folders, and cards. Flexible circuit scan be almost entirely through cut on a web or sheet of material while leaving areas of laser scored tabs holding the parts in place. The scored tab areas allow for clean and easy part singulation as desired. Laser scoring can also be combined with perforating or "through cutting" on a single application. 

AcuTear® Example

On the left is an example of a score down without Preco's AcuTear Laser Scoring technology. The picture on the right shows how effective Preco's AcuTear Laser Scoring process is.


  • Virtually unlimited scoring path; the point can move in any direction unlike other processes that use knives or saws.
  • Since the laser beam exerts little force on the part and is avery small spot, the technology is well suited to fabricating high accuracy parts, especially flexible materials. The part keeps its original shape from start to finish.
  • Can score very hard or abrasive materials
  • Can score sticky materials that would otherwise gum up a blade
  • High speed scoring with accuracy especially with Preco’s unique power control, including
    • Optimum edge quality
    • Minimum process debris, maximum part cleanliness
    • Maximum production throughput
    • Maximum utilization of web based materials including ramp up and ramp down
  • Cost effective process with low operating and material costs
  • Digital process, no expensive dies required

Preco's AcuTear offers unique laser power control to regulate the desired level of energy, regardless of process speed. With our extensive knowledge and years of experience in laser scoring, Preco can assist you in deciding if our Preco's Web Direction Series, Cross Web Series and FlashLite™ Module or a custom system is a good fit for your application.

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AcuTear® Laser Scoring Technology
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