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Preco's Contract Manufacturing Services

Contract Manufacturing Services for Converting

We provide you with all of the resources needed to integrate laser processing into your manufacturing stream. The extensive design, testing, and manufacturing capabilities of Preco can help you answer today's challenges – enhancing product design, improving quality, lowering unit cost, and shortening lead times.

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Laser Services for Flexible
Packaging Applications

Preco, the leader in laser processing of flexible packaging, has been in the laser business for 30 years. Over 15 years ago we were the first to pioneer the use of industrial lasers to modify and enhance flexible packaging material.

Hudson Medical Precision Converting

Our current contract packaging facility employs seven state of the art laser systems processing over 500 million linear feet of film per year. As the undisputed industry leader, many of our laser process services are unique patented techniques offered only by Preco. Due to Preco's 15 plus years in the flexible packaging business, and our ISO Certifications, we have the processes and documentation structure in place to ensure your continued business success.

Add Laser Processing to Your Package Offerings

Preco is positioned to partner with you to bring laser technology into your sales offerings. Preco's team of engineers, project managers, and technicians will assist you with: product design and development, product quality enhancement, product cost evaluation, speed to market/product "ramp up" time lines.

AcuVentTM Controlled Microwave Venting

  • AcuVent controlled steam venting for microwave packaging
  • Consistently produces controlled venting packaging for perfect steamed cooking in microwave
  • Simple, reliable, cost effective process that modifies existing packaging
  • No need for complex laminations or costly patches

AcuBreathe® Micro-Perforating

  • AcuBreathe laser micro-perforating for extended shelf life, burst protection and packing consolidation
  • Cost effective laser modification turns your basic structure into high performance (and high margin) packaging
  • Consistent control of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor transmission
  • Air release to prevent package burst in shipping and to allow package consolidation for packing or palletizing with no loss of shelf life
  • Uniform, round holes perforated at high speed (1,000+ ft/min, 305 m) with Preco's patented Beam Compression technology

AcuTear® Easy-Open Packaging

  • Ensure a positive consumer package-opening experience with Preco's laser scoring process
  • Score straight or curved easy-open lines
  • The laser scoring process delivers controlled tear propagation, for "easy-open" packages, while maintaining package strength and protecting barrier properties
  • Ideal for zipper/slider closures
  • Multi-level, dash and continuous scoring

Quality Control
Processing Capabilities
  • PET, PE, PP, Nylon, EVOH,
    PTFE, Urethane and more
  • Metalized, foils, paper and
    fabric structures
  • Films and laminates
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Microscopic cross section
  • Tensile testing
  • Airflow measurement
  • Web processing speeds
    up to 1,000 ft/min (305 m)
  • Ramp-up/ramp-down power
    control to minimize scrap
  • Eye-mark registration

Preco Dedication and Expertise

Along with the best laser technology in the industry, Preco, Inc. is recognized as having the industry's leading Ph.D. level experts, engineers, project managers, technicians and production staff to partner with you and provide solutions to some of your most difficult manufacturing challenges.

Our team is actively involved with the front-end planning process, helping to achieve critical milestones throughout design, testing, prototyping, and production. Preco's dedication to project management details and ongoing quality assurance reporting ensures that issues related to material quality, processing or logistics are addressed immediately. Preco's high level of support and accountability guarantees your satisfaction.

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