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Contract Manufacturing Services

As you prepare to launch your device, Preco is poised to address your ramp-up schedule. Our Contract Manufacturing Services team will work with you to develop a contract manufacturing agreement that provides the basis for the relationship and product deliverables. With the manufacturing agreement in place, Preco can provide the following as you enter the market:

  • Transition from pre-production equipment to Preco built dedicated production equipment while retaining the established processes utilized in your clinical trial parts.
  • To conserve your cash position, Preco can provide leasing options with delayed payment schedules to allow you to begin generating revenues before your lease schedule begins.
  • We already have an established production team, knowledgeable in the process techniques required for producing your laminated polymer cards. With Preco's production team involved during the clinical trial production; work instructions, documented operator training, quality programs/protocol, bill of materials and defined processing techniques allow a seamless transition to production.
  • Preco will entertain joint ventures with your company in the event you want to retain some level of internal control with the device manufacture. Joint ventures can offer the best of both worlds to retain a level of control while rapidly ramping up resources to address your market growth.
  • Preco can provide complete manufacturing cells for your device production and the cells can be duplicated to match your forecasted growth as your product is accepted in the market.
  • Our robust ISO 13485 environment assures your devices are produced with the required traceability, record retention, document revision control, operator training and documented procedures.
  • Preco is located in one of the premier medical device manufacturing regions of the US. We have access to a trained and high quality workforce, both technical and shop floor, that assures you we can match your program ramp requirements with a trained and knowledgeable workforce in medical device production.
  • Our ERP system can manage your resource requirements and assure a consistent supply of raw materials and human resource allocation for timely delivery of your devices.
  • Our ERP system also allows us to efficiently manage and be responsible for the complete supply chain to produce your device.
  • Our Contract Manufacturing Services operate in a 24/7 environment so as your sales grow, we can leverage the capital investment you have in the equipment by operating extended shifts of production. This alone has the ability to drive your price points down dramatically as your sales volume increases.

Complete Device Assembly

Preco can also provide complete device assembly, including: blister pack fill with insertion of reagent and buffer packs, testing, labeling, boxing and inventory of your completed device. This single source solution provides a seamless and simple supply chain offering for your device.

Overview  |  Contract Manufacturing  |  Technology and Techniques

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