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Technology and Techniques

When it comes to production solutions, nobody compares to the strength and breath of Preco's offering. We can provide the full range of material handling platforms ranging from sheet processing to high production web based systems such as rotary and flatbed die processing. Along with these material handling platforms, flat bed die cutting using A1 tooling, rotary die cutting, and laser cutting (along with combinations of each on any given system) can be selected to assure dimensionally correct and slug-free layers. Claims that laser cutting is the only process that can produce slug free parts is not always the case; in fact there are many times where a correctly selected die will produce a superior part at a much lower production cost and better accuracy than a laser. Preco is the only company that can offer you the correct unbiased solution because we have in-depth knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of each process. THE ONLY COMPANY THAT CAN OFFER YOU THE CORRECT UNBIASED SOLUTIONOur Contract Manufacturing Services (CMS) currently processes diagnostic test devices incorporating all of these process options. With Preco you're not forced into a production solution due to the limited range and capabilities of other suppliers. To further drive your production costs down and improve part quality, we offer a range of lamination capabilities to build up your device layers using automated techniques. Preco can offer multiple laser heads on a rotary web handling system to combine processed layers that exhibit like features to provide sub-assembly layers for downstream lamination. Preco has also produced systems capable of processing and laminating unlike features in a web format and we are also innovating a proprietary development that allows unlike feature processing and lamination in a zero tension environment for unsurpassed layer to layer registration and consistency.

Process Capabilities


  • Offering CO2 lasers that have been tuned to optimize process results.
  • In-house Ultraviolet lasers for precision features that are outside the capabilities of the CO2 offering.
  • Sheet or web based laser processing.
  • Web-based laser processing by either indexing or continuous cut-on-the-fly web motion.
  • Vision registration allows a previously processed feature to be re-registered within +/- 0.002"

Flat Bed Die Cutting

  • Preco produces the premier precision flatbed die cutting system in the world.
  • These systems incorporate a micro-adjustable stroke for consistent cut depth.
  • As standard, the system registers the cut by adjusting and making corrections in X, Y and Θ axes.
  • By using Class A tooling, part tolerances can be held below +/- 0.0005" and registration tolerances to +/- 0.001".
  • Class A tooling assures complete slug removal from your part.
  • Die cutting allows a well defined path to process validation.

Rotary Die Cutting

  • Rotary dies are well known and offer a productivity advantage for many applications. Preco can guide you to the best production solution, which may include a hybrid system capable of laser cutting key features and rotary die cutting shapes best suited to dies.
  • Rotary tooling can be designed with vacuum ports for consistent removal of slugs from your web.

Screen Printing

  • Preco produces the most accurate large format, close tolerance screen printer available on the market.
  • Screen printing utilizing the high caliber of this Preco technology can allow precision placement of screen printable adhesives for component bonding or conductive and dielectric print for high end electro-chemical biosensors.

Material Handling Capabilities


    FlexPro System
  • Manual sheet-fed processing is the preferred method of material handling at the beginning phases of your product development program.
  • This technique typically duplicates the process incorporated in your design and development phase and it provides a basis to begin process development incorporating high volume production techniques.
  • Initial sheet fed processing offers the lowest cost parts during the design and development phases as materials in sheet format are readily available in low volumes and minimal set up on the equipment is easily accomplished.


    Rotary Die Cut System with FlashLite
  • Roll feeding of material in web format, especially when performed in continuous motion provides the highest level of productivity for the production of Lab-on-a-Chip devices.
  • Multiple die cutting, laminating, laser cutting and liner stripping stations can be configured on these systems for unmatched throughput.
  • Additional processes, such as island placement of membranes, zero tension zones for extensible material lamination and chemistry insertion stations, can be performed in-line.

Precision Lamination of Stacked Layers

    Web-to-Web Lamination Diagram
  • The success of a polymer laminated device is not only dependent on the dimensional quality of the individual layers, but more importantly the placement accuracy of one layer to the next.
  • Preco is unmatched in the options available to produce precision stacked layers to complete the device. Our experience and prior Preco built systems include:
    • Roll processing to produce layers incorporating like features utilizing vision registration techniques.
    • Roll processing to produce layers with unlike features to be precision laminated by acquiring a pre-processed layer and aligning a laser cut to the matching layer.
    • Precision stacked layers of like and unlike features incorporating a propriety technique for rapid laminate build-ups.
  • The consistency of Preco lamination and device build-up techniques will offer you unprecedented functionality and consistency in your device function.

Overview  |  Contract Manufacturing  |  Technology and Techniques

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