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Growing A Laser Processing Business

One of the nations largest laser job shops, also happens to be one of the oldest of its kind, dating back to 1978. The business model was quite unique, and remains in tact to this day. Leveraging CNC machine design skills, the company positioned itself to provide both laser contract manufacturing services, using flexible laser work stations built and maintained in house, and/or provide turn-key industrial laser equipment to be installed at a customer’s site.

The initial primary focus of the companies’ contract manufacturing was in the area of laser engraving of wood and plastics. What started as a three person company operating a single CO2 laser in the basement of the owner’s house, transitioned to several lasers in a pole shed cutting a variety of metal and non-metal components.

Today, the company has expanded in several key ways. Now more than 40 laser work stations process a variety of materials for the metals and converting markets. These lasers work stations vary in both power and wavelength to match specific processing needs. The company has also invested heavily in an applications development staff through the years to perform research and development to provide a continuous stream of leading edge laser technology to be used in new contract work, or the continued sale of laser equipment.

An additional strategy the company has utilized is to pursue a diverse mix of both laser applications and markets. Current markets include alternative energy, electronic thin film, packaging, medical, aerospace, automotive, precision industrial gaskets, heavy off road, and more. Technical, quality, and production staff are strategically organized by target market, and the overall business mix allows the company to hedge against industrial or economic downturns, and remain healthy and stable.

Why Not Use a Laser to Get the Job Done?

The use of lasers can greatly add to the types of jobs that a gasket manufacturer can tackle. While die cutting may still be the most economical means to produce certain products, laser technology now provides manufacturers with tremendous process flexibility and the ability to work with more materials. Further, lasers are an economical means to complete intricate, high quality jobs.

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