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Happy Holidays

Tim BurnsOn behalf of all of us at Preco, I am delighted to extend our best wishes to you and your families for a very peaceful, happy holiday season and a prosperous 2010. With one of the most challenging years in the world’s economic history drawing to a close, it is a good time for all of us to look forward to a new year of opportunities.

At Preco, we are beginning 2010 with more and expanded products, features and services for numerous diverse industries — all designed to help you become more profitable in these challenging economic times. A significant expansion of our contract manufacturing capabilities is now in place to help you if you are not yet ready to make a capital investment in your own Preco equipment. The new Preco Golden Laser line will provide affordable, entry level cutting and engraving processes. Our Rotary Converting Platform die cutting systems and contract manufacturing services have been significantly enhanced to assist roll-to-roll converters who produce multi-construction products and parts for the medical, pharmaceutical, electronic, label, automotive gasket, electronic display and RFID markets. Preco’s robotic cell will satisfy your need for laser processing of many of your industrial products and components. Finally, our MedPro provides laser cutting and micro welding of components for the medical industry.

These are just a few examples of our commitment to partnering with you on innovative solutions to complex processing applications. We are the only company that can provide you with depth and diversity by bundling its equipment, contract manufacturing services, processing knowledge and excellent customer service on a worldwide basis. We will continue to keep you informed about other opportunities in the coming months, but don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance as you explore new ways to assist your customers in 2010.

Happy holidays and best wishes for a successful new year.

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