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Start your new year with a software upgrade

Tim Burns

If your Preco laser processing equipment is still operating with the AcuNav™ I controller system, it is a good time to consider upgrading to Preco's new AcuNav™ II. Although still productive in many respects, AcuNav I controller systems were designed for PCs running Windows 95 or 98 Operating Systems. As a result, the motion control cards used in the AcuNav I systems are no longer available and will not fit in newer computers.

AcuNav II works best with Windows XP; a Vista 32 version is available upon request. Windows 7 is currently being evaluated. Watch for an announcement soon. Because the user interfaces for both systems are very similar, new training is minimal. AcuNav II is the evolution of the extensive support Preco has provided customers in response to computer system advancement. Here are just a few of the many advantages you'll realize when upgrading to AcuNav II:

Purchase less expensive PCs
AcuNav II supports the latest PCI and USB motion controllers. When you use the latest PCI controllers, standard off-the-shelf PCs with full-length PCI/PCIx slots are compatible.

Faster computer performance
Everything that is limited by your current computer speed will be faster (i.e., AcuNav II launches 10x faster than AcuNav I).

Improve your networking capability
The Windows XP Operating System used with AcuNav II will help you greatly improve connectivity to other networks.

Enhance security
Recent Windows operating systems offer many more security features, and Microsoft continues to update them.


More flexibility
Within AcuNav II, an operator can launch up to 10 user defined applications from the tools menu (i.e., calculator or other user-based software).

Display and receive messages
AcuNav II allows the user to program and display messages during part program execution. Great for system maintenance.

Parametric programming
Use variables within an AcuNav program to perform arithmetic operations. Useful for more advanced applications (i.e., laser cladding).

Easier troubleshooting
To save time in determining the cause of system faults, AcuNav II checks for common syntax problems and will display the current file and location of an error in the alarms screen. For more information, contact Preco's Service Department.

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