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Are you maximizing the life and performance of your Preco processing equipment?

A lack of proper or routine maintenance of your Preco processing equipment can cause more costly repairs, disruptive line breakdowns, reduced line speed, imprecise performance and a shorter lifespan for your equipment. Preco offers customized service contracts and other helpful preventive maintenance services to customers anywhere in the world with service departments strategically located in Kansas, Wisconsin, China, Japan, Sweden and Germany.

Preco service contracts can provide monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual or any number of visits from a highly trained Preco service technician. Costs for labor and parts during a service contract visit are discounted 10%. The frequency of visits and types of service performed will vary depending on the type of processing equipment you have, the environment in which it operates and the demands you place on it.

Laser Processing Equipment
Tim BurnsPreco's laser processing equipment often requires regular cleaning of the optics and beam delivery components by an experienced Preco professional service technician — plus periodic laser alignment procedures and power level check-ups. Typically, it only takes a day or two to perform this type of routine maintenance, and the service call can be scheduled to minimize or eliminate any disruption to your production schedules. New operators can easily be trained during the same visit. At the end of the service call, many customers have experienced improved accuracy and speed. Following one recent maintenance call, a customer’s cutting speed increased from 500 ft/minute to 800 ft/minute!

Preco stocks over 5,000 beam delivery, optics and system parts to help maintain your laser processing equipment. For more information, contact Preco's service department.

Flatbed and Rotary Die Cutting and Screen Printing Systems
Maintenance of Preco's automated die cutting and screen printing systems can typically be handled in-house by the customer’s maintenance staff, but it is imperative that customers follow the preventive maintenance schedule described in the Operator’s Service Manual. Weekly lubrication and annual changes of the hydraulic oil and filters in the die cutting presses as well as other preventive maintenance procedures are extremely important to ensure optimum equipment performance over many years. Preco also encourages customers to keep critical parts on hand to reduce downtime for components subject to normal wear and tear.

If replacement parts are needed, Preco has two stock rooms full of inventory ready for an overnight delivery. Preco maintains inventory for the current equipment as well as older equipment. For replacement parts or any questions about maintaining Preco’s die cutters or screen printers, contact Preco's service department in Lenexa.

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