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Alternative Laser Processing Technique for Microwave and Frozen Food Packaging

Preco's new AcuVentTM laser technology produces controlled-depth scoring or cut-through slits in food packaging for more reliable, convenient and cost effective microwave venting-and more compact shipping of frozen food packages. These scores or slits can be registered any place on the film.

AcuVent offers busy consumers an easy, quick way to prepare sealed frozen and refrigerated foods. When film-covered food packages or bags processed with AcuVent are placed in the microwave, the steam generated from within the package bursts through the partial scoring and automatically ventilates the package. The AcuVent technology can enhance fresh produce packaging by allowing consumers to steam vegetables in the microwave without removing them from the package.

In addition, Preco's AcuVent laser technology can be adjusted to properly vent air entrapped within frozen food packages for more compact shipping. AcuVent's proprietary technology allows use of lower power lasers. This results in lower operating costs, improves scoring consistency, and achieves higher processing rates. In fact, AcuVent processing can accommodate up to 1000 feet per minute web speed, depending upon film type and thickness.

Food packaging converters can integrate AcuVent and other Preco laser technologies with existing Preco equipment or turn to Preco's contract manufacturing services for any laser scoring, perforating or slitting processes in a wide variety of film and sizes.

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