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Preco Die Cut Presses In a Class of Their Own

Die Cutter SystemPreco's automated die cut presses have been setting the standard for accuracy, efficiency and speed for nearly 35 years. It all began in the mid-seventies when Preco developed a four-post free floating die set to help improve a press system's accuracy and to reduce the tooling costs of traditional tooling-primarily for the gasket industry. Preco engineers then built roll feeds into the system to minimize material usage, to eliminate hand feeding and to improve speed and output.

Those early innovations and the quality of the equipment earned Preco a leadership position in die cut press technology that continues today. In fact, as testimony to the durability and quality of Preco die presses, many early models are still in service today!

Through the years, Preco has continued to enhance the performance of its die cut presses for both custom and standard applications. Preco engineers developed optical registration in 1, 2 or 3 axes-and some with tolerance as tight as + .0002" to meet the needs of the electronics, medical and graphics industries.

Preco engineers also developed quick change tooling systems, where dies can be changed in less than a minute; powered micrometers for cutting abrasives and other applications; and special knockout stations to sequentially knock out and stack magnets while overcoming polarity problems.

Today, Preco serves more than 30 different industry segments around the world with eight different size presses, seven different optics packages, sheet feeders, unwinds, rewinds, conveyors, laminators and a long list of other useful features. In addition, Preco's longstanding reputation for innovation and engineering know-how makes the company a popular choice for custom applications, whether customers are looking for a small modification to a standard system or a one-of-a-kind dedicated line from raw material to packaged product.

About the only thing that hasn't changed at Preco during the past three decades is the company's reputation for dependability. With a 70% repeat order ratio, Preco die press customers are among the most loyal in the world!

For more information, visit our Die Cutting page or call 913.541.0066 in the U.S. and ask for an applications specialist.

Preco Automated Die Cut Presses Are Ideal for:

  • Solar
  • Medical
  • Printed Materials
  • Electronics and Circuitry
  • Gaskets
  • Abrasives
  • Graphics
  • Self Diagnostic Test Strips
  • Converting Applications
  • Packaging
  • And More!

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