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Preco Can Help You Expand Into New Markets With a Full Range of Bundled Solutions

Historically, the “make or buy” decisions were straight forward and easy to calculate. Typically, our customers would purchase a specific machine or request contract service support for a process or a component. In today’s tight capital market environment; however, Preco is taking a far more complete view of the overall customer requirement and business picture.

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By working with Preco, a customer can pursue new high-speed processing technologies that incorporate multiple manufacturing operations, such as laser galvo cutting or rotary die cutting and turn that into lower manufacturing costs and faster turnaround. By using our in-house converting tools and techniques, a converter can secure services on a contract basis for as short as or as long as needed, all with minimal risk and little to no cash outlay for capital equipment. When capital is finally freed up for the project, the new equipment including the development effort is seamlessly transferred from Preco to the customer.

“We can simplify our customer’s procurement of complex applications by knowing more about the entire project and we can save both time and money for our customers,” says David Plourde, Senior Vice President. “The vast converting experience and equipment choices accumulated over the years provide Preco with the tools and talent needed to make it easy for our customers to become world class competitors with fast market entry, in control processes, and the best combination of equipment selections. Preco’s one-stop shop, offers more comprehensive solutions that can reduce multiple suppliers, issues, and reduce overall cash outlay.”

Preco President and CEO Tim Burns concurs, as noted in an article in the August 2009 edition of AMT News. “We utilize what we call a bundled approach, meaning we focus on solving our customers’ problems and not just selling equipment,” he stated. “We put together all those diverse skills we have in both equipment and contract manufacturing services, which really sets us apart from the capabilities of our competitors.”

As you review a new program, consider including Preco in your evaluation process. Even if capital is not available today, our contract solutions will provide alternatives to gaining new business. Here’s just a sample of the manufacturing processes and core technologies we can provide:

  • Cutting
  • Perforating
  • Metal welding, heat treating, cladding
  • Scoring
  • Flatbed and rotary die cutting and laser/rotary die cutting
  • Screen Printing
  • Ablation
  • Roll-to-roll material handling

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