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New Economical Line of High-Speed Laser Processing Equipment

LyraLight 45 Laser SystemPreco’s newest and most economical line of laser processing equipment, the Preco Golden Laser (PGL), offers affordable, entry-level cutting and engraving of advertising specialties, sports apparel and equipment, toys, signage, filtration products and other products using wood, plastic, and industrial fabrics. The new PGL is faster, too. Some traditional engraving processes require one to two minutes. The PGL line can accomplish similar tasks in 10 to 20 seconds.

The PGL received rave reviews when it was unveiled in July in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS) show. Customers and prospects were most impressed with the speed generated by the galvanometer feature built into some models and the versatility of functions that can be performed.

Preco’s experienced engineers developed the new Preco Golden Laser line with the intent of keeping the costs affordable. “Many Laser Machining, Inc. (LMI) laser systems are still operating today, but the new PGL line represents an additional choice in the market,” says Arlene Zdrazil, PGL Sales Manager. “We feel that the PGL line combines the Laser-Graver’s® versatility with Preco’s reputation for precision and high speed technology-and at a very affordable price.”

The PGL line is built using worldwide sources, with final assembly and testing at our Wisconsin facility. Software is user-friendly and is based on a simple graphic interface. A laser serial marking feature has been especially popular with products requiring sequential numbering.

PGL offers several configurations of two different models, the LyraLight and the Inspire. Both are available to accommodate a wide range of material thicknesses, applications and budgets. The LyraLight and Inspire series have been designed to address most material handling requirements by offering shuttle table, conveyor, rotary, vision, multiple beam
and auto focus features.

The Lyralight series offers a galvanometer for high-speed marking, scoring and cutting of thin materials. Adding flying optics creates a combination system that allows more capabilities for marking and cutting thicker materials, all in one machine. Ideal products for processing include basketballs, footballs, designer apparel, adhesive decals, foam gaskets, decorative inlays, memorabilia, serialization identification labels, photos, bats, golf grips, and much more.

Featuring an H-frame gantry motion system, the Inspire series is available in a small or large footprint and can process up to 1000 inches of material per minute. The Inspire series works especially well in processing acrylic signs, personalized cabinet door panels, wood inlays, large sheet graphics, architectural fabric designs, carpet, parachutes, sailboat sails and many other products. Adding a galvanometer to the system offers higher speeds for marking and cutting very large or multiple parts extremely fast, all in a single set up.

To view the exciting PGL line in operation, arrange to visit Preco’s showroom in Somerset, Wisconsin. For more information, contact your Preco sales representative, or call Arlene Zdrazil at our Wisconsin location, or visit our PGL site.

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