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Preco Can Help You With Supply Chain Management

Since 2005, Preco's Contract Manufacturing Services (CMS) division has strongly emphasized and successfully helped a wide variety of customers manage supply chains with high technical requirements. Every year since then, CMS has expanded its supply chain capabilities, with significant growth coming in the last 12- 18 months. Most recently, customers in the medical products, power generation, energy storage modules, hydraulic pump and abrasive materials industries have turned to Preco's Contract Manufacturing Services to help them source materials, process and assemble components, package products, manage inventories, ship products and more.

"They like the convenience, time-savings and cost advantages we can provide as a single source, versus working with several vendors and issuing multiple purchase orders," says Corey Jurowski, CMS Program Manager.

"We all know most companies want cost, quality and delivery in a supplier," adds Craig Swanson, CMS Metals Key Account Manager. "With our supply chain management services, we add a fourth benefit—ease of doing business. We make life easier for our customers when we manage the supply chain."

The key to Preco's supply chain management success is building strong technical teams to support rigorous product launches. Depending on the complexity of the project, a typical team might include quality engineers, manufacturing engineers, application engineers, production supervisors and customer service people. These teams make it possible for Preco to manage procurement and sourcing of product with the strictest qualification requirements. "We will manage PPAP requirements from our customers to ensure compliance from the vendor base," says Jurowski. "When required, we even package and ship direct to the end user."

Preco's supply chain management teams can perform laser value-added content; complete post-laser assembly; source and procure materials; perform receiving inspections; perform assembly operations; perform upstream and downstream value added processes such as pre-or post-machining, cleaning and heat treating operations, TIG welding, metal finishing, roll slitting and a variety of tests and inspections like NDE, X-ray, UT, LPI MPI, VI, dimensional inspection and cross sectional analysis.

"We can also administer cleaning, packaging and preservation protocol in our new clean room environment," Swanson said. “We can do this while maintaining the strictest of lot integrity and product traceability requirements. We have seen the need for this especially with some of the high-value parts we produce in the diaphragm and metals manufacturing areas. Some of these parts may be valued at more than $250,000 per part. That says a lot about the confidence our customers place in us to manage this part of their supply chain.”

Preco's ability to coordinate more of the supply chain process also helps customers reduce overall lead time and cuts down on the number of times products are shipped from location to location. "Our Contract Manufacturing Services are so much more than laser welding or cutting,” says Jurowski. "Our cross functional teams can add a great deal of value for any customer who wants a more efficient way to manage their supply chain."

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