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Preco Expands Contract Manufacturing Services

A new addition to Preco's Somerset, Wisconsin plant now offers customers an opportunity to process metal components with heat-treating and aluminum oxide blasting. The 2,160 square foot addition contains an 8-foot high, 5.5' x 10' BeaverMatic heat treat furnace that can heat treat material up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit; a 14' x 14' aluminum oxide blast booth that can accommodate material as large as 10' x 10'; a 5-ton overhead bridge crane and a new lighting system that will ensure top quality visual and dimensional inspections.

The new 200 kW electric heat- treat furnace can stress relieve components by applying uniform heat throughout the parts. The furnace is a car-bottom furnace that allows for easy loading and offers a 10,000 pound oven load capacity. It has been certified to AMS-2750D for a 1200 +/- 25 degree Fahrenheit rating. The unit includes 46 work load thermocouples—16 of which can offer a guaranteed soak for oven control based on load temperature and in-chamber convection fans that help to maintain temperature uniformity. Honeywell’s Trend Manager Software controls the furnace, which allows for 24/7 networking of the oven’s performance and remote monitoring.

In addition, Preco's newly added aluminum oxide blasting operation can clean, remove discoloration, and create a more uniform surface appearance on a wide variety of stainless steel components. The process provides an aesthetic, finished natural look for components or sufficiently prepares the parts to accept additional coatings—whichever the customer prefers.

Welding, manufacturing, and process engineers all over the U.S. now have a new source for heat-treating and aluminum oxide blasting at Preco's plant in Somerset, Wisconsin.


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