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Sweden Office Originated in the Early Days of Lasers

The relationship between Preco and Tim Smith, the Managing Director of LMI AB, Preco's Swedish service and sales office, goes back to the mid-1980s when Smith first met Bill Lawson, the founder of Laser Machining, Inc. (LMI). At that time, Smith had technical responsibilities for servicing Sweden’s first lasers. The two stayed in touch over the years, and in 1997 Smith began representing LMI as LMI AB. Preco purchased LMI in 2002, and the relationship with LMI AB continues to grow.

In the '80s, Smith's office sold and serviced mostly small laser engraving systems for Swedish engineering firms. Eventually, Smith was selling and servicing LMI's entire spectrum of laser processing equipment. Today, LMI AB is still managed by Smith and includes 10 employees who sell and service Preco’s laser processing systems all over Europe and even in South Africa and Korea.

At its main office in Nås Dalarna, Sweden, LMI AB stocks many laser parts and offers maintenance service agreements to many customers who have purchased laser equipment. Preco's laser welding systems and converting systems are extremely popular in Sweden due to the high volume of telecommunications and flexible packaging products that are manufactured there. Other markets served include industrial, aerospace, medical products, food processing and advertising.

"The key to our success," says Smith, "has been our ability to provide highly effective laser processing equipment and excellent service after the sale. We have the most laser processing experience in Sweden and have made service and support our foundation."


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