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European Customers Enjoy Preco's Local Service and Specialized Precision Applications

Eighteen years ago, Preco Inc. set up its European network of independent agents to sell its precision automated die cutting equipment and other equipment in Europe. Almost immediately, the demand for Preco's X-Y Theta CCD Press system was high due to the more accurate cut-to-registration that could be achieved (compared to more traditional X direction only die cutting systems) and thanks to Preco's patented Floating Bolster which moves the tooling into the correct position for a perfect cut every time. This same registration technology is incorporated into Preco's MTS screen printing systems and allows print pass after print pass to be printed in perfect register.

In less than two years after setting up the European agent network, Preco's sales in Europe rose substantially in all the industrial markets which required accurate and uniform processing of product. Today, Preco's independent agents continue to penetrate European markets that are looking for highly accurate die cutting as well as advanced laser processing. With the advancement of "micro processing" in many industries (where product design calls for smaller more intricate and accurate processing), Preco has become a market leader. Examples of those industries include the flexible electronics industry (where intricate circuits need to be cut, ablated or micro via drilled) and the disposable medical and packaging markets. At the other end of the scale, Preco agents are exploring opportunities in the building construction industry where Preco equipment could be used to cut large format aluminum wall and roof panels as well as other metal products.

Preco currently operates 12 agent offices in Europe plus its own European Division office (Preco-Europe, Inc.) based in Canterbury, Kent in the United Kingdom. Michael Regan, Managing Director of the European Division, says having independent Preco agents in so many European communities greatly improves communication between the many diverse markets and cultures. "Because our agents have direct access to our skilled engineers and customer service representatives at Preco, they can explain exactly what their customers need," he says. "This direct contact with the factories via Preco-Europe, Inc. and the outstanding service Preco provides help us compete very effectively with European-based manufacturers."

Preco's agents with the longest service in Europe include Albert Schimmel of Albert Schimmel GmbH in Germany, Tommy Berg Kjeldsen of Danatech ApS in Scandinavia and Jose Ma Reol Ruiz in Spain/Portugal.

Other European Preco agents are:

Preco Inc. also has a sales, service and technical support company based in Sweden, LMI AB, that services the laser industries throughout Europe and Africa.


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