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RainMaker Ultracapacitor Module

Preco Joins Race to Commercialize Fuel Cell Industry

When the Formula Zero energy-efficient auto competitions take place this summer in the U.S. and Europe, Preco technology and Kettering University will be in the thick of the race. Kettering and Preco have been collaborating to develop Zero Emission Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric vehicle technology using ultra capacitors as an energy storage device. The challenge for Preco was to develop this module from "inception to shipment" within six weeks—and we succeeded!

Preco and Kettering designed, produced and manufactured the lightweight, high powered advanced energy storage module that has the ability to be rapidly charged and discharged in the demanding conditions of tens of thousands of cycles.

Formula ZERO is an international competition that started in 2003 in the Netherlands, and has been growing ever since. There are over 17 teams participating from around the world, including United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Spain and the United States. Teams compete to design and build the most innovative and energy efficient vehicle that will not only lead in the Formula ZERO competition, but also contribute to the next generation of electric vehicles. The custom ultra capacitor module Preco developed with Kettering University will be used in the University's Formula Zero race vehicle entry called "RainMaker."

For the past three years, Preco has been integrating ultra capacitors into custom modules for the material handling, automotive and military markets. Preco also is actively developing applications to assist in the manufacturing of cost-effective alternative energy products in the fuel cell, solar, wind and advanced energy storage markets. Preco's advanced laser processes, screen printing, flat bed and rotary die press processes are all being used as part of the manufacturing process.

In addition to producing custom ultra capacitor modules, Preco is currently going through a formal process of becoming a Maxwell Technologies Certified North American Integrator for custom modules requiring demanding electrical and environmental conditions. The certification will allow Preco, Inc. to become a main supplier to the advanced energy storage and alternative energy markets.


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