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Preco High TechnologiesPreco Expands China Operations

Demand for Preco's precision die-cutting presses, close tolerance screen presses and advanced laser processing equipment continues to rise around the world, and Preco is responding by establishing a new manufacturing, sales and service operation in China.

"Preco has had a presence in China, now the second largest economy in the world, since 2006," says Preco President Tim Burns. "With nearly 10% GDP growth expected this year, we felt the timing was right to begin manufacturing equipment in China."

Preco High Technology Systems Company, LTD, (PHT) opened for business July, 2010 in Tianjin, China (just southeast of Beijing). PHT will oversee manufacturing and selling of the newly engineered Preco Rotary Converting Platform-Asia, (RCP-A). The RCP-A is a rotary die-cutting press designed by Preco's U.S. engineers specifically for the production of electronic and medical products in the Asian market. It's being manufactured in China exclusively for the Asian market.

"The RCP-A represents new technology for Asia," says Jim LaPoint, executive vice president of sales and marketing. "Its versatility makes it ideal for producing complex, multi-construction components. With 14 different spindles, each independently controlled, and seven processing stations, you can process multiple types of materials and perform seven different operations such as die cutting, laminating, laser cutting, weeding and more. In addition, the RCP-A can run different parts on the same machine at one time, so you can use it for short runs and prototyping if necessary. That's a critical function as many new products enter the Asian market."

RCP-A SystemIn years past, manufacturers required a two-week turnaround time from their concept to their sample parts. They also required a few dozen samples for capability testing. Today, they want same day turnaround from concept to sample and require several hundred parts for capability testing. The RCP-A delivers small sample runs to production runs in a very short time.

The new operation will be led by Martin Wang, managing director, Oliver Huang, service technician, and Baron Wang, applications specialist. "As China’s economy continues to grow," Martin Wang said, "we are very excited to be able to offer Preco's advanced technology to our Chinese manufacturers." Preco's China team will showcase the new RCP-A at the International Mobile Phone Industry Expo, November 25 – 27, Shenzhen, China.

The new PHT operation will sell all Preco products. Preco's high accuracy, die-cutting, laminating, screen printing and laser processing equipment are becoming more popular as Asian manufacturers seek to reduce costs and delivery time of small complex parts.

Preco also operates two other entities in Tianjin, China: Preco Miwa Laser Industries, and Spectralytics Medical Company, LTD. Preco Miwa provides contract manufacturing services for components used in handheld devices. Spectralytics Medical offers contract manufacturing services for the production of medical components and devices such as stents and catheters. The two CMS operations are ISO13485 certified and offer full capabilities of laser cutting, cleaning, electroplating and inspecting.

"As the middle class grows in China, there will be more demand for medical products and other high technology products," Burns stated. "All of Preco's Chinese operations will play an important role in helping Chinese manufacturers serve those emerging markets."


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