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Fine, Intricate Metal Cutting Just Got Faster and More Efficient

MedPro Laser System

ST Series Work Stations now available wih IPG single mode fiber laser and new specialized cutting head.

Preco has always offered equipment to cut thin metals with good results, and now we have improved those capabilities even more.

Preco engineers recently developed a specialized cutting head for low power, high brightness fiber lasers that can increase production speed, while lowering energy consumption and reducing floor space requirements. Specifically designed for cutting thin metal, the new cutting head can process material with 25 micron kerf width burr-free when combined with one of Preco's ST Series Laser Work Stations and an IPG single mode fiber laser.

During a test run using .030" stainless steel, we were able to produce an array of 38 holes, 0.020" in diameter, at a rate of 4.4 holes per second. The holes were clean, free of burrs, with no apparent HAZ or recast material affecting the surface appearance of the component.

This fully integrated system requires very little floor space and is ideal for producing medical devices and electronics products as well as trimming fine wires. The laser is 19" rack mount and air cooled. It replaces flash lamp pumped Nd:YAG lasers that are much larger and need a chiller.

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