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Order New or Used Equipment Now, Not Later, to Maximize Tax Savings

Place your orders for Preco equipment soon to ensure delivery before the end of 2011 so you can take advantage of some amazing, one-time tax incentives. A delivery in 2012 could cost you a lot more when the incentives drop to lower levels.

The current tax relief package allows companies to write off 100% of new equipment purchases that are installed and operating by the end of this year—and there’s no cap on how much your purchase is. In 2012, bonus depreciation drops to 50% of new equipment purchases. In 2013, it’s gone.

In addition to 100% bonus depreciation, Section 179 allows you to expense $500,000 up to $2 million of purchases for both new and used qualifying equipment. Starting January 1, 2012, you’ll only be able to expense $125,000 up to $500,000 in purchases.

Don’t let these tax incentives slip away. Call your Preco representative as soon as possible to discuss your equipment needs.

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