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Check Out Our Ready-To-Ship, Used and Almost New Equipment!

As you know, Preco will custom design and build brand new equipment to meet your needs. In addition, we offer demo units that are like new or used equipment that has been utilized for Contract Manufacturing Services at our plants. Now is a great time to buy used or new equipment based on the extraordinary 2011 tax incentives still in place (Find out more here). Currently, we have 16 different pieces of used and new equipment for sale. You can see the complete list here. Here are two used systems you might want to consider.   PGL Inspire 250 Laser System   FlexPro Laser System
  This like-new Preco Golden Laser Inspire 250 demonstration unit was manufactured in 2009 and offers high speed cutting for acrylic signs, cabinet doors, large sheet graphics, architectural fabrics, carpet, parachutes, sail boat sails and many other products.   This used FlexPro® laser system has operated and been well maintained at our plant in Somerset, Wisconsin for the past four years. It was manufactured in 2007 and can perform the following functions: ablation, cutting, etching, kiss cutting, marking and via drilling (Microvia).


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