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Introducing Preco Golden Laser (PGL) Inspire 140C

PGL Inspire 140C System

The new Inspire 140C includes a conveyor system that offers cost effective laser solutions for laser processing of roll textile materials. Laser-cutting textiles has many advantages including the laser’s ability to seal the cut edge fibers together to prevent fraying as well as the ability to cut small details down to tens of thousandths of an inch.

The specially coated steel conveyor allows rolled products to be unwound from most types of unwind stations in a lazy loop. The conveyor transports the material into the laser cutting area as needed. Part shapes are cut/marked as designed and conveyed away from the cutting area by the conveyor onto a suitable receiver, whether it is another conveyor, a flat table attended by an operator, or simply a parts bin to allow later sorting offline from the laser system.

PGL’s standard Inspire 140C accepts textiles up to 98” wide, and custom sizes are available to accommodate wider materials. All models are equipped with sealed CO2 lasers, which are available in various laser power levels. The Graphic Interface Software allows import of various vector formats including DXF and Ai files. Part shapes can be scaled, rotated, and arrayed quickly on this easy-to-use interface.

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