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Best Wishes for a Prosperous 2012!

Tim BurnsTim Burns,
President and CEO

It’s hard to believe another year has passed. We all are so very busy with our work, our families and our special interests that we rarely have the time to pause and reflect about the many good things in our lives. A new year provides that opportunity. So let me simply say, on behalf of all of us at Preco, THANK YOU for being our customers.

We truly value the outstanding and ongoing relationships we have with all of you. The trust you place in us to provide precision processing equipment and service that help you gain an edge over your competition is all the motivation we need to begin a new year of continued outstanding service and extraordinary innovation.

By their very nature, many of the projects we take on for our customers are proprietary, and all of us at Preco take great pride in creating one-of-a-kind solutions to your processing challenges. Understandably, our steadfast commitment to preserving the confidentiality of the production advancements we deliver to you means we can't talk about the product development successes we achieve. One exception occurred this past fall when we were able to help a client with the development of an innovative diesel engine. You can read about that success on the next page. Our Contract Manufacturing Services in Somerset did an excellent job responding to that customer’s challenging production schedule, and they are always available to assist you with specialty processing of components you may need for new product development projects.

A few other highlights of 2011 we can tell you about include:

  • Continued expansion of our operation, manufacturing and service capabilities in China.
  • Last winter, our Somerset, Wisconsin plant became ISO 13485:2003 certified which allowed us to serve even more customers in the medical device market.
  • Expanded robotics capability for both systems applications and contract manufacturing service.
  • In February, we introduced the new Inspire 140C, the latest addition to our economical Preco Golden Laser line. An innovative conveyor in the Inspire 140C provides cost-effective laser solutions for laser processing of roll textile materials.
  • Preco engineers developed an innovative specialized cutting head in May for low power, high brightness fiber lasers. The new compact tool increases production speed when cutting thin metal, lowers energy consumption and helps reduce floor space requirements.
  • This winter, we will open our new Medical and Precision Converting center in Hudson, Wisconsin. This new plant increases the size of our clean room capacity for medical, flexible packaging and other precision converting applications and separates our clean manufacturing processes from our industrial processes.

Suffice it to say 2011 was another good year for us and we are very proud to have earned the goodwill of so many enterprising companies around the world. We are delighted to be able to help you blaze new paths into new markets despite the most challenging economic and political conditions most of us have ever faced. May 2012 bring your company and your families more success and prosperity!

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