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Preco's Rotary Converting Platform Earning High Praise from Customers

RCP Rotary with FlashLightSince the launch of Preco’s Rotary Converting Platform (RCP), customers who have installed the system are realizing less waste of material during the set-up procedure. "They’re also getting the same benefit, for example, when running through a splice. We are getting some great feedback about the RCP's registration capabilities from some very happy customers," according to Chris Walker, Director of Rotary Technologies. "Unlike other units on the market, we don't require an automatic homing system. The RCP adjusts itself more quickly and customers seem to like that a lot."

The RCP has been especially well received for use in medical, smart phone and other technology-based products that require intricate and delicate parts. "Thanks to the combination of our direct drive servo motors with our self-adjusting registration capability, the RCP has become the most accurate machine on the market. No one can beat us for accuracy," Walker says.

Preco's RCP offers process web widths from 7" to 20" up to a maximum speed of 300 feet per minute and provides direct-drive servo registration on all die cutting stations. Its modular design can incorporate rotary die cutting, laminating, continuous laser cutting and a spot inlay station. It’s ideal for flexible web converting and die cutting solutions for a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, automotive, consumer and non-consumer products.

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