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Preco Advances Automated Die Cutting Technology

Multistep registered die cutting processes in both roll-to-roll and web formats continue to be enhanced at Preco’s Die Cutting Division Headquarters in Lenexa, KS. One of the best examples is Preco’s Rotary Converting Platform (RCP) where the latest laser, galvanometer and control advancements are continuously upgraded to meet specific customer applications. The RCP facilitates multiple high speed operations including die cutting, laser cutting, laminating, and other processes and has become a preferred equipment choice for producing fast-selling new electronics, innovative food packaging and high-demand medical diagnostic products.

“The combination of laser technology and galvanometer registration in the RCP enables our customers to accomplish up to seven different operations in a single machine,” says Dr. Dana Poulain, Vice President, Manufacturing Operations in Lenexa. “We have been selling quite a few RCPs in Asia, and being able to produce cost-competitive equipment in the Chinese market says a lot about the success and value of these units.”

Engineers at Preco also are currently working on standardizing controls. “Commonality of controls will give us tremendous flexibility for producing both standard and custom products worldwide,” Poulain says. “This will help lower overall operating costs since customers will only have to be familiar with one standard platform that can handle a greater number of capabilities.”

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