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Preco Commercializes Lab-on-a-Chip Production

Preco Commercializes Lab-on-a-Chip Production For over 35 years, Preco has been considered the equipment supplier of choice in the high-volume production of membrane switches worldwide. Our expertise in this market has been successfully transitioned for use in medical device manufacturing, which makes us uniquely positioned to provide the optimal solution for the production of polymer laminated structures found in Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) microfluidic devices.

Microfluidic Lab-On-a-Chip

LOC devices consist of laminated layers incorporating polyesters and acrylic adhesive layers with internal die cut or laser cut features that form the fluid or pneumatic paths for sample preparation. These layers are then laminated, requiring precision lamination techniques from layer to layer to produce a functional part.

Preco's expertise results in the production of high quality, low cost polymer laminated medical devices. Working with our customers, Preco has developed innovative production and laminating techniques which have met our customers demanding design, quality and pricing specifications.

Your Partner in LOC Production

Whether you want to launch production at your facility or utilize contract manufacturing, Preco can partner with you to ramp-up your LOC production. Involving Preco prior to your clinical trials and 510k submission allows production processes and process capabilities to be established and documented.Preco can then configure your production equipment for in-house manufacturing or for production in our ISO 13485 contract manufacturing facility.

With Preco, you not only have access to all the production options you require with our equipment configurations, but also the industry expertise that can guide you to the optimal production solution for your specific requirements.

What is

Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) is a breakthrough medical diagnostic device that integrates one or several laboratory functions on a single disposable chip. Compact in design, LOCs perform chemical analyses of minute amounts of fluid samples, and provide fast results when time is critical. When coupled with portable, handheld devices, it provides timely diagnostic results where the patient and healthcare provider are located. LOCs are ideal for use in critical or emergency situations where accurate test results and treatment can improve a patient's outcome.

LOC technology may soon become an important part in improving global health, particularly in developing countries where traditional lab facilities are limited. Infectious diseases can be quickly diagnosed and treated through the use of LOC technology. Accurate LOC testing and tracking of HIV infections can vastly improve the chance of treatment throughout the world.

Contract Manufacturing Services for LOC Production

Preco is poised to address your LOC production schedule during product launch. Our Contract Manufacturing Services team will work with you to develop an agreement that provides the basis for the relationship and product deliverables.

With the manufacturing agreement in place, Preco can provide:

  • Smooth transition from preproduction equipment to Preco-built dedicated production equipment.
  • An expert production team that is involved during the clinical trial production.
  • Complete manufacturing cells for your LOC production.
  • Traceability, record keeping and documentation through our robust ISO 13485 environment.
  • Well-trained workforce that is knowledgeable in medical device technology and production.
  • Management of your resource requirements, raw materials and complete supply chain through our ERP system.
  • 24/7 production shifts that can leverage your capital investment.

Technology and Techniques

Preco provides a full range of material handling platforms ranging from sheet processing to high production web-based systems such as rotary and flat bed die processing. Along with these material handling platforms, flat bed die cutting using A1 tooling, rotary die cutting, and laser cutting (and combinations of each) can be selected to assure dimensionally correct and slug-free layers.

Our Contract Manufacturing Services currently process diagnostic test devices incorporating all of these process options. With Preco, you are not forced into a production solution due to the limited range and capabilities of other suppliers.

To further drive your production costs down and improve part quality, Preco offers a range of lamination capabilities to build up your device layers using automated techniques. We can offer multiple laser heads on a rotary web handling system to combine processed layers that exhibit like features to provide sub-assembly layers for downstream lamination. Preco has also produced systems capable of processing and laminating unlike features in a web format. We are also developing a proprietary process that allows unlike feature processing and lamination in a zero-tension environment for unsurpassed layer-to layer registration and consistency.

For more information on Preco's advances in medical device manufacturing, please contact:

John Dillon
(715) 247-3285

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