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FlashLite - Laser Scoring/Perforating Module

Preco FlashLite - Laser Perforating and Scoring Module

FlashLiteThe Preco FlashLite laser module offers laser scoring and micro-perforating for easy opening, easy fill and easy breathe packaging.

The compact size and unparalleled flexibility of the Flashlite enables it to be integrated over virtually any existing production line. Preco’s exclusive AcuTear/AcuBreathe control software is tailored to web processing of flexible films allowing for an easy transition from job set-up to production. Processing speeds up to 1,000 ft/min (305m/min) dependant upon film type and thickness.

Features Benefits

Proprietary real time MPLC laser controller

The controller compensates web speed variation during the entire run resulting in Quality product and substantial waste reduction.

Job run from recipe files

Reduces set-up time; unify production from operator to operator.

Bi-level scoring operation

Provides added flexibility in scoring different film materials.

Operation status display

On-the-job feedback including laser process parameters, web speed and web length.

Micro-positioning of beam head

Precise positioning of focal point and ability to handle different film thickness™.

Laser power stabilization*

High speed sensor for active laser power feedback. Accurate processing and less waste.

Patented Beam Compression*

Creates holes 10 times more consistent and three times faster than industry standards.  Depending on film type and thickness.

Process Monitoring*

Verification of laser trigger and pulse monitoring. Eye-spot mode redundancy and monitoring.

*Denotes option if selected for your specific requirements.

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