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Web Direction Series - Laser Perforating Machines
Web Direction Series - Laser Perforating Machines   WD (Web Direction) Series Modules
Utilized for a variety of processes, including web direction laser scoring, cutting or micro-perforating.
Micro Laser Perforation
Preco's laser perforation machines use patented Beam Compression Units (BCU) to provide consistently round perforations at three times faster than industry standards.

The scores can be continuous or intermittent dashes. Micro-perforation hole sizes from .076mm - .254mm (.003" - .010") can be produced. The laser perforation machine has multiple setup options with processing heads from one to sixteen.

The WD Series Modules can be designed and integrated into production lines such as laminators or extruders, or can be set up off-line on a rewinder or slitter. Systems are adaptable with web widths up to 1600mm.

HSP Series Modules (High Speed Perforation) use proprietary compression technology to produce consistent round holes in speeds up to 457 m/min (1500 ft/min) depending on film type and thickness.

Feature Benefits
Proprietary real time MPLC laser controller On-the-fly control of the laser scoring/perforating process based on recipe parameters, instantaneous web speed, repeat pattern, photo-eye sensor, etc., allows accurate scoring/perforating during ramp-up and ramp-down. The controller compensates web speed fluctuation during the entire run resulting in quality product and substantial waste reduction.
Job run from recipe files Reduces set-up time; unify production from operator to operator.
Bi-level scoring operation Provides added flexibility in scoring different film materials
Operation status display On-the-job feedback including laser process parameters, web speed and web length
High speed sensor for active laser power feedback Accurate processing and less waste
Quick-remove optics Easily clean lens and mirrors without causing beam misalignment
Easy CW traverse positioning of focus assembly to web Quick and accurate positioning of score or perforation locations
Micro-positioning of beam head Precise positioning of focal point and ability to handle different film thickness


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Web Direction Series
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